Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Official Paper Doll Blog

It's another really fun day in paper doll land.  Do you remember playing with paper dolls when you were little?  I did.  Not that I can remember too many that I actually played with.

I can remember cutting out a few of them and playing with them.  I vaguely remember The Ginghams and Raggeddy Anne Color Forms.  I remember having my appendix out one year and someone gave me a set of those color forms.  I can remember playing with them in the hospital.

And I was also really lucky, as my appendix was about ready to burst.  I was six years old when it happened and was really sick for a few days.  And my lips puffed up really bad and my mom finally brought me in to see Dr. Orbeton.  I'm sure he is dead now.  He immediately said that I had to go straight to the hospital.

So we walked on over and got me in.  I think I had to stay there for an overnight or two.  And then I got to come home.

But paper dolls were a lot of fun to play with.

Years ago, when I first started making my own paper dolls, my mother would say, "Now, there's something."

She then went on to tell me that she and her best friend used to have trunks full of paper dolls.

And I am sure their's were the old vintage ones.  All the fashion dolls and vintage.  Ava Gardner.  There was a paper doll for every sort of fashion celebrity.  My personal favorite, Katherine Hepburn.

I've got to seriously get back to creating some more paper dolls.

Today, I even thought of some first drafts for my video games that I have been wanting to create would be good for the Gothic girls line.

For one of the video games ideas I came up with, I had started to draw up some creepy looking dolls with leaves coming out their eyes.  They could also be good for the paper dolls.

I've come up with a few videos.  I can complete the written scenarios and the drawings and artwork.  But someday, when it is finished, I would have to find someone to turn it into a three d form.

One of the videos I got copyrighted.  It is called Passions Unleashed and is an adult game.  A game of sex and murder.  There are lots of characters, 130 rooms that I have to draw out.  Drawings of all the characters.  And about forty written scenarios.

I've written three to four scenarios so far.  And I've drawn up the walls for the Kinky Kitchen and the cemetary and living room and a few other rooms.  I have to finish the walls and do the coloring and then come up with drawings for all the other fun rooms that I thought up.

They will have to figure out which two people are having sex, in what room, and with what object.  Definitely not for kids.  Definitely adults. 

The guy that I was going to collaborate on this with, thought we could get access to porn videos and other stuff.

I'm glad I am not dating him anymore and the video game idea is all mine.  I don't want any porn in my video.  I want it to be a little classier than that.  Anime sounded kind of neat.

I've copyrighted it and the first three scenarios, so nobody else can take my idea in my way of writing it and drawing all the drawings.

I'm sure someone else could come up with a possible similiar idea.  I know I am not the only one who has thought of creating a video game of sex and murder.

But nobody can take my style.  That is mine.

Same with the paper dolls.  Those are all mine.

I brought in my sketchbook this weekend.  Maybe I will start taking some photos of some of my new sketches in the works to share on here.

It definitely takes a long time to create a set.  But once they are finished they look great.

So, now I have them for sale on this blog on the first post. 

BunBun and Olga paper dolls was my first completed set that I finished about eight or nine years ago.

It started by a Doll magazine that I subscribed to before this set was done.  Inside the pages of the magazine was a contest for us to create outfits for the Helen Kish paper doll.  It prompted me to do it.  I wanted to win and get my stuff in the magazine.

I won!  I got my outfits in the magazine and I won a little six to eight inch Helen Kish Riley doll.  They are normally kind of expensive.  I was so excited.

And then I was encouraged to send more to them.  And I was borderline on getting a contract with them to create paper dolls.  The girl wanted to have my stuff in there too, but they also had a contract with another girl and they couldn't have both of us in the magazine.

Then I discovered OPDAG trade magazine, based in Maine.  For a bunch of years, I have contributed to that magazine.  I have been slacking in the last few years.  They send it out quarterly.  I've usually been creating the outfits for their dress a doll and I send a few of my sets that they include in the magazine.

Once, I actually had a mail order for a paper doll set.  That happened a few times.  Kind of neat.

So then I created this BunBun and Olga set.  Bunbun was a favorite rabbit toy that I had in childhood.  And I still have her, but you wouldn't know that she is a bunny now.  She had beans in her and once I threw her in the trash.

Her friend was Olga that was my stuffed animal puppy.  I thought up the paperdoll set about them.  It took a few weeks to a month to finish the whole set.  I really take my time with things.

I've got a few pages that I think I still have to finish.  Maybe that will someday be a second set for them.

And I have written a little children's book that I will someday illustrate.  Little Jenny and BunBun.  It will chronicle my young life with BunBun.

Then, I also have started a series for BunBun and Olga Paper Dolls.  I still have to finish the first little story.
It's called BunBun and Olga get Bullied.

It's going to kind of be a little series.  I have kind of envisioned that it would be a neat little tv series.  Kind of like Arthur.  The series about the ardvark.

Yet, it would be my own thing with my own set of morals and values.  There of course will be a lot of bunnies and puppies in it and maybe some other animal characters.  I think I am more than halfway through the Bully story.

Maybe I will post it here, when it is done.  And maybe some illustrations would be cool to go with it.

So anyway, if anybody wants to check out the paper dolls I have so far, go to the first post.

And another kind of exciting thing.  I have a store on Zazzle that has been kind of dormant for a while.

I finally found an email from them today, and some of my products got sold.  Yay.  It's mostly floral photography and doll photography so far.  And I have another store just for the paperdolls on products.

I think I will now be going onto those stores and adding some new products on the stores of my paperdolls and my other photographs.

So if anyone wants one of the paper dolls on a mug or tee shirt or something, you can get it at Zazzle.

I thought nothing would ever happen from that site.  Good lord, maybe I am wrong.

Some other people are doing pretty well there.  I see some people always posting their stuff from Zazzle on my igoogle page.

And over the next few days, I need to start to join some paper doll groups so I can promote this paper doll blog to people that like paper dolls.

It's a real struggle to get the paper dolls off the ground.  Someone said I have to brand myself, yet I'm not really sure how to do that.

All I know how to brand myself is that I am unique and nobody makes paper dolls quite like me.  To me it is an art form.  Fine art paper dolls.  I really strive for a lot in my paper dolls.

And someone said there was about 21 million paper doll sites.  I guess I have to try to figure out a way that sets me apart from other paper doll sites.  I'm not really sure how to approach that.

Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Make Paperdolls

How to make a paperdoll

All little girls or the majority of them like to play with paperdolls and dolls and barbies. When I was little I was given a Raggeddy Anne Colorforms and other old fashioned paperdolls. I spent hours playing with them. When my mom and her best friend were little, they had trunks filled with paperdolls. They were the really old ones.

Nowadays, you can get the reproductions of all the old ones. Ebay is a great place to get the originals.
OPDAG magazine is an official magazie devoted to paperdolls. The editor is the daughter of a mother that makes lots of paperdolls. It is based in Kingfield, Maine. She puts out two magazines. One is called Paperdoll Review and is devoted to all the old ones and you can still buy the reproductions.
The other magazine is Paperdoll Studio and is dedicated to new paperdoll artists. I have been creating mine for eight years.

So here are tips for little girls to make their own.

1. A good lightbox is very helpful. Some toy companies sell some geared for children that are really cute if you're looking for something cute and girlie. I like a good quality lightbox that you can plug in. The kid ones usually take batteries and if they leave them on when not in use, the battery runs out and it collects dust for a while until they ask for it again. Sometimes they can see what they're drawing better with a no frills one. I got mine at Utrecht, or Dick Blick or Daniel Smith. Utrechts prices are good and they cater to artists and budding artists.

2. So they want to create. Let them get into it and express themselves. Let them get messy if they do. I've always been one not to interrupt a creative child. It's so important for them to get into the process.

3. Sometimes it might be helpful for them to choose a picture so they can get a basic outline. Sometimes children hav a hard time with body parts. But I would also encourage them to create their own if possible. Even I use an outline sometimes if I like the position of the body parts. But it stops at the outline. The lightbox helps them to trace the outline. Then they can go in and create their own face and hairstyle.

4. Have them create a bathing suit or a really short nightgown. Bikini or full piece. Or they can have the doll wear short and a tank top. Why I say this is when they go to create their other costumes and outfits they will have the freedom of creating things that are going to not sure the basic underwear garment that is on the doll.

5. I like to use a fine tip black marker. The grocery store sells them for a few bucks. A nice set of colored pencils and good markers are great. If you've got a serious artist on your hands a nice quality set of colored pencils and markers are great. If they're little the basic cheaper markers are good for them to use, as quite often the caps get left off the marker and then soon you have a dried up marker that is no good.

6. After they have the doll created, then the lightbox comes in handy to make their own outfits. Then they can see the boundaries of their doll and they can create the outfits to fit. Make sure they add some little tabs on the shoulders, waist, and maybe the legs, boots or arms. That way when cut out and folded they will fit the doll. They can color them and design them anyway they want. The design part is where they can get really creative.

7. Outfit ideas. dresses, pants, coats, sweaters, ball gowns, cosumes. Halloween themes are great right about now. Easter, Valentines day, etc...

8. Have them create a name for their paperdolls. Maybe they want to use their own name or maybe a favorite character or their favorite actress.

9. Another idea for little girls learning is getting a teen magazine and picking a picture and designing one from their favorite character. Tracing paper is good to have on hand. My son used to like tracing monsters and other stuff.

10. Also encourage them to create pretty backgrounds to their page. Hearts, flowers, etc... Make some props to go with the dolls.

11. The clothing is usually on a separate page, but you can also usually fit one or two on the same page as the doll. She will need to creat some on another page first and then trace her costumes somewhat onto the same page as the doll. But she can change the outfits a little as long as the boundaries are going to be the same as the doll.

12. It's important to teach them to be original and create their own as much as possible. Always make sure they sign their name when they are done. Sometimes it looks neat underneath their name of the doll.

13. And if your child would rather just play with a store boughten one, there are cute Disney ones, Barbie ones and sometimes different types of wooden sets. I think that Melissa and Doug company usually has several sets that are cute for little girls.
But if they want to take their time and create their own, they are becoming budding designers and fashionistas.

Happy Creating.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 20, 2012

If you or anyone would like to check out and purchase my paper doll sets, check out one of my earlier posts where you can purchase them on each of my blogs. 

Martha Stewart paper Dolls

I had a lot of fun creating my Martha Stewart Paper Dolls.  It took me a while to create.  I did this set about three or four years ago.

I got the idea as I was reading an issue of my Martha Stewart Magazine.  I decided I was going to create a Martha Stewart Paper Doll set to possibly get into an issue of her magazine.  One could only hope.  After I finished the sets, I sent copies to the magazine.

I did get a nice letter in the form of a stationery card with hand written writing.  I still have the card somewhere.  The person praised my artwork, but it did get declined for the magazine.  It probably wasn't something they wanted in the magazine.

But I had fun making them anyway.

My favorite set is the four page set with the witches outfit and the statue of liberty.  I think I got the facial features looking the best in that set.

The other two sets are nice too, but not my favorites.  One of the heads in the other sets is a little too big, I think.  But there are some fun features to the set.  I personally like her to do list in the set with her big head.

I just think my details are best in the set of four pages.

It took quite a few weeks or longer to finish that set.  It takes me a long time to get to completion of a paper doll set.

I usually start off with my pen and ink outline.  Then I get all my details and then, I slowly go in with the color.

My newest sets have very detailed backgrounds.  It is just as important as the rest of the page.

 The four page set:  $16 plus shipping and handling

 $8 plus shipping and handling

$8 plus shipping and handling

If interested in purchasing the sets, I have them for sale in another post on this blog and all my other blogs.

Paper Dolls for Sale and other ideas

Check out my Paper Dolls for sale on this blog and my other blogs.  I've got a lot of awesome paper dolls.

The last few days, I have been having fun printing up my photography onto little pictures.  I have been putting some on greeting cards that I might later have a few of them for sale here.  They were a lot of fun to make.

I have listed one Blythe Doll Greeting card set on Ebay and will see what happens.  You never know.

I have also been thinking of the smaller sized pictures of my photos and been thinking they could be good as paper dolls.  It's a way to get the picture sized down that would be good for the paper dolls.

I can hardly wait to create my Gothic Girls paper doll line.  Should be lots of fun.  I will need to think up all kinds of gory little accessories for them.  Bloody knives, creepy dolls for them to hold.  Foggy backgrounds,
gothic woods, maybe one fishing for a dead fish.  And a grubby boot.  Hmm.  Death notes....  suicidal music notes,....  bones of a lost lover.....

Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

Anybody heard of those Living Dead Dolls?  I used to have some, but then got embarrassed that I owned some creepy dolls and I got rid of them.  I didn't want a boyfriend to see those funky looking dolls.

People really love gothic stuff.  It's cool.

I always loved gothic and bizarreness in my stuff, but I ended up just getting lovingly done and nostalgic and beautiful instead.  Go figure.

And I want to create that Bella Swan paper doll soon too. 

Just have so many projects and ideas in the works and can't do it all at once.

And I am thinking of creating outfits for the Blythe dolls and maybe selling my original patterns afterwards.  Of course I need to create the outfits first.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 20, 2012

This doll isn't mine, but maybe could be my inspiration.  I'm also inspired by the Alice Magee video game.  Some of their artwork for that is awesome.

My photos and greeting cards.  Soon to be on my blog for sale.  Will start out with just a few.

If you or someone you know loves paperdolls I have them on all my blogs for people to buy.  They are great for the collector or lots of fun for little girls to cut out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paperdolls Entry Two

Good lord, I have been doing my pay pal buttons all wrong I think. I have been trying to get my paper dolls for sale all set up on this blog and my other blogs.

 Earlier last year, I learned how to build websites. For eight years while I was married to my ex, I was hoping he would teach me how to upload digital pictures to the computer and teach me how to build a website for my paper dolls. He is a computer programmer yet, it never happened. There never seemed like a time where he could show me how.

And then almost three years go, we got separated. At the time of separation, I had two new digital cameras and wanted to learn how to use them. And then one day, I had filled a memory card and didn't know how to upload pictures yet, so the cameras got cast aside for about a year or more. I didn't know how to upload and erase the pics. And I was computer illiterate and couldn't seem to use my new computer at the time.

I had a profile on but no picture, so didn't get anybody calling. And I couldn't seem to figure out some of my software. And I couldn't figure out how to get the discs to come out. It was a weird computer. I ended up giving it to my youngest daughter.

Well at the beginning of last year, I was missing a computer and had finished typing up my first mystery novel, Black Roses on the family computer. Yet, was craving a new computer. In January, I broke down and bought a new laptop.

I suddenly fell in love with it. Liked the easy turn on button and the features. And one day, I took the memory card out of the digital cameras and stuck it in a memory card reader that I purchased. At the time, I didn't know you could easily stick them into the laptop and upload.

 I discovered how easy and simple it was and I figured out how to erase the pictures after. So I fell in love with my digital cameras and will never go back to 35mm cameras. So once I uploaded, I learned how to get a picture of me on my dating profiles. That is a whole other post, the whole online dating scene. I met someone from it anyway and have been dating for a while.

 And once I learned how to upload, I wanted to learn how to create websites for the paper dolls. In Jan and Feb I signed up with Intuit, and I didn't like site builder. Cancelled out of that and I think I had to pay extra fees for cancelling early. Cancelled out of and stuck with Intuit until March. I liked Intuit's site builder the best, but still got no action. No paper doll sales.

Maybe I didn't give it long enough, people said. But anyway, I ended up forking over lots of money to these sites and fees for cancelling early. And no sales. So for a while, I had no paper doll website.

Then in September and October I decided to fork over a smaller amount of money to Vistaprint for a cheaper website. $14.95 a month to start and then of course I wanted the full optimization and blog so $30 a month. End of October the website was complete and I waited patiently for some sales to happen.

 Over this last month, I got a comment from a girl who makes doll clothing who was also having a hard time getting sales. She told me I should sell my paper dolls on my blog. I had never thought about that before. I was getting 1250 visitors to my Vistaprint Website but no sales and by the end of this month, I had forked over $150 to Vistaprint with no paper doll sales in return.

 As I looked to the future, I really wanted to give that website a year to see what happened, but at the same time, I didn't want to fork over another $300 to $450 with still no paper doll sales. So, I called up Vistaprint a few days ago and cancelled my website there.

If anyone would like to view that website and my blog there, you can up until the end of this month. I liked the background I had picked out but oh well. Better to have my hard earned money in my pocket instead of Vistaprint's. They can get my money at Christmas time when I order my Christmas cards with them. They do have cheap prices for pictures on their products. I had ordered a tote bag with a picture I took of my daughter sleeping. It was really cute.

So in this last week, I have been transferring my stuff over to my blogs. A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure how to get the paypal buttons onto this site. Then I remembered getting the buttons from Paypal, when I first started doing my Intuit website. So I figured it was the same deal.

So I started going into Paypal and created my buttons and copied the code. And at first I wasn't sure how to put the code in next to my paper doll set. When I first tried, I pasted the code underneath and just saw all the jumble of code and not a paypal button, so I figured I wasn't doing it right. Then I figured out how to paste it into the gadgets on the layout page.

 So for the past two to three days, I have been pasting all these gadgets on the side of the page. I looked at it on the page and it doesn't quite look right. Well, finally about a half an hour ago, I think I figured out how to get it next to my paper doll pictures of the set. I tried it under my Little Sparky set. I went into the html and it spit out the codes for the whole page. I scrolled down to Little Sparky and went underneath and pasted the code for the add to cart button.

And also in the beginning, I was doing a buy it now button and realized I should do Add to Cart instead. So I had to backtrack and begin again. Which, now I will also have to begin again. But when I viewed the picture again after I pasted in the code, I was pleased to see the pay pal button underneath the set.

So, moan and groan, I will have to go back and re do forty seven of the others that I had done. I was thinking of leaving the buttons on the layout page, but probably should take them out, as you can't see the paper doll right next to them and it doesn't look right. I did this to my five other active blogs. I wanted to get my paper dolls for sale on all my blogs to see if that would help.

Which means I have a lot of work cut out for me. But it will be worth it in the end, to have a working paper doll website for paper dolls for sale. I'm thinking that I will join Tumblr too and get this going on some other sites too. I probably could figure out how to do it on Wordpress too. It will just take some time to get it all in place. And I might have to go back and do some minor tweaking.

When the Pay pal button showed up there were a few other sections too where I am wondering if I can change something and type in the name of the Paper doll instead. But right now I don't dare to tweak anything without knowing.

The only other thing I'm not sure of yet is working with the shipping options. The pay pal button asked me to put in one shipping amount. So I put the basic amount for one item. But I want to have the options for people to save a little on the shipping if they order more than one item. So right now, I am wondering if they can have an option to ask me for an invoice, where I can change the amount of the shipping accordingly to what I have set up on my order form.

I figured out how to get the button for them to view cart. That was neat, and it looks like through Pay pal, I can send someone an invoice. Some of this is all new and Greek to me, but I am slowly learning.

 Jennifer Jo Fay Copyrighted February 15, 2012

So for right now my paper dolls are for sale here and my other five blogs, but I will need to work on doing the Paypal buttons right.

I am liking the idea of selling my Paper Dolls on the blogs.  It's a good feeling to know that it is free to sell our stuff on our blogs and not give someone else our hard earned money.  I think last year, I easily forked over $300 or $700 to these other more expensive websites and got nothing in return. 

And I will also not do another book self publishing with Authorhouse.  They got alot of my money too and the royalties haven't gotten to $30.  Greatly disappointed about that venture, but like that I got my book in print.

I'm thinking of CreateSpace for the next novels and just the amount to get it in print and copies for my kids.  Should be much cheaper.

And the thought of having products for sale on our blogs is that we can have the blog for years and years and not have to fork over money to other people.  It just might take longer to get more people to the blogs.  And a lot of free advertising.

I do have a small website with Intuit now just to increase traffic.  Right now for one domain and three pages it is free for a year and then the price goes to 4.99 a month which would be pretty good if it will increase traffic.

If I think about it, maybe I could sell just a few of my favorite paper dolls there.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paperdolls For Sale

I am an alumni artist from the Maine College of Art.  I am offering my website to you so you can purchase my cool one of a kind paper dolls.  Whether you are an avid paper doll collector or are purchasing sets for your girls, neices or other young girls, my paper dolls will make a great edition to a collection.  Some people don't want to cut them up as they are too gorgeous to do so.

 Welcome to my Website where you can purchase my original paperdolls.  I now have all of them for the most part on my site with the order form and info to buy my paperdolls.  They would make a great edition to a child's paperdoll collection or for the women who share a passion for paperdoll art and don't like to cut up the pages.  I have had lots of women say that my pages are too gorgeous to cut up.  

  I can assure you that I will promise a lovely product protected in plastic sleeves and packaged just for you.  I take pride in my artwork and want to share my passion with you.  I've got lots of beautiful sets and many more unfinished sets to design.  Not to mention the ones that are still in my head!

Also, I have another passion.  Writing novels, poetry and many other different types of articles.  I have self published my first mystery, Black Roses and it's available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other sites.  I'm currently half way through the sequel, Red Ribbons and am beginning another novel called The Thief Who Wouldn't Learn.

If you would like to follow my writings you can go to these  sites:  this is my triond site where you can view my recipes, poems etc...  wordpress and my fiction novels in progress  (poetry) (poetry)
http://wizzley/authors/jfay1995/  poetry, etc... shortened link to my wikinut site.  my Blogger Blog.  Bloggers Block  Mommie Dearest 101  Prolific Poetry Chick  Yours Truly Crafty Gal

As you can see, writing has also consumed me.  It is as big a passion as my artwork is.

Thank-you very much.  I would love to see my paperdoll business get off the ground and fly.  It would be my dream to be doing something that I love.

I have all these pictures for the most part watermarked for my protection.  But when you order my sets my name in big lettering will not be there.


                                                        BunBun and Olga Paperdoll Set
                                                         8 full color pages $32 plus shipping

                                              The House Wife Paperdoll Set
                                               Six Full Color Pages  $24 plus shipping

                                                  The House Wife Paper Doll Set Series Two
                                                   8 Full Color pages  $32 plus shipping and handling

                                               Julia Paper Doll Set
4 Full color pages
$16 plus shipping and handling
(this was one based on my youngest daughter)

Maria Paper Dolls
Two full color pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mollyanne Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mandy Paper Doll Set
One full color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Audra Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Sharyl Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
This one matches the
Cheryl paper doll set
(They are both based on my mother)

Pretty Kitty Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Lucy Jane Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
(my first comic book paper doll)

Marla Mermaid Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Martha Stewart Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Julia Roberts Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color Pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Evangelean Paper Doll Set
6 Full Color Pages
$24 plus shipping and handling
She was based on a character in my first romance novel, Lustful Evangelean that is copyrighted.

Evangelean and Gauthier Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
This was also based on Lustful Evangelean novel

Bella Erte Paper Doll
one full color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Jane Paper Doll Set
1 Full Color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Mary Jane Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Taylor Paper Dolls Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling
(This one was a friend of my daughters)

Clarissa Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color Pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Beautiful Children Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Darlin Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(This one is based on one of my favorite childhood toys.  Remember Darlin from the Honeyhill dolls?  My friend and I played with these dolls all the time and Darlin was my favorite.  My original doll Darlin has her head popped off.  Well loved!)

Shayla Paper Dolls Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhall Paper Dolls
5 Full Color Pages
$20 plus shipping and handling
(ha ha, before they broke up)

Alice Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
She can mix and match with Mandy paper doll and Dolly paperdoll

Dolly Paper Doll set
One Full Color page
$4 plus shipping and handling
This and Alice paper doll are bordering
on my first Gothic Paper Dolls

Cheryl Anne Paper Doll Set
3 Full  Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Frances Paper Doll Set
Three Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling
This one was based on my great grandmother

Lacy Anna Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Jenna  Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Rag Doll Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Sleeping Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Love Child Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(This one is inspired by my mother's lipstick holder with the little cherub on it)

Another Martha Stewart Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Barbarella Paper doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Old Fashioned Paper Dolls Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Lula Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mary Lou Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Lila Ballerina Paper Doll
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Martha Stewart Again 2 paper doll
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Olivia Jean Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Red Carpet Dreams Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Audrey Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(note:  The first picture isn't cut off on the original paper doll page.  This is just an error with the photo I took of it)
This was the second paper doll set I did.  Bun Bun and Olga paper dolls was the first one I finished.

Katherine Hepburn's Mermaid Dreams
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Little Sparky Paper Dolls
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Marissa Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Bibi Maizoon Paper Doll
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
She also matches the HouseWife sets

Order Form:     Jennifer Jo Fay Paperdolls   Please send checks or money orders to:

Jennifer Jo Fay
119 Main St.  Unit 2A
Essex Junction, VT 05452

If you would like to use PAYPAL, my paypal address is:   (hutchins is my mothers maiden name)

The Paperdolls                                                                                               Quantity

Bunbun and Olga Paperdolls (eight pages)                                        $32
HouseWife Paperdolls (six pages)                                                     $24
Housewife Series Two (eight pages)                                                  $32
Julia Paperdolls  (four pages)                                                             $16
Maria Paperdolls (two pages)                                                            $8
Mollyanne Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                      $8
Mandy Paperdolls (one page)                                                              $4
Audra Paperdolls (two pages)                                                              $8
Sharyl Paperdolls (two pages)                                                             $8
Pretty Kitty (three pages)                                                                    $12
Lucy Jane  (one page)                                                                         $4
Marla Mermaid Paperdoll (two pages)                                                   $8
Martha Stewart Paperdolls (four pages)                                               $16
Julia Roberts Paperdoll (four pages                                                       $16
Evangelean Paperdoll (six pages)                                                          $24
Evangelean and Gauthier Paperdolls (two pages)                                    $8
Bella Erte Paperdoll (one page)                                                             $4
Jane paperdoll (one page)                                                                     $4
Mary Jane Paperdoll (two pages)                                                           $8
Taylor Paperdolls (three pages)                                                             $12
Clarissa Paperdoll (four pages)                                                            $16
Beautiful Children (two pages)                                                                $8
Darlin Paperdolls  (two pages                                                                 $8
Shayla Paperdoll (two pages)                                                                 $8
Reese and Jake Paperdolls  (five pages)                                                  $20
Alice Paperdoll  (one page)                                                                     $4
Dolly  (one page)                                                                                    $4
Cheryl Anne Paperdolls  (three pages)                                                      $12
Frances Paperdolls  (three pages)                                                            $12
Lacy Anna  (three pages                                                                          $12
Jenna Paperdoll  (two pages                                                                     $8
Ragdoll Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                                $8
Sleeping Paperdoll  (two pages)                                                                $8
Love Child Paperdoll  (two pages)                                                              $8
Another Martha Stewart  (two pages)                                                        $8
Barbarella Paperdoll   (one page)                                                             $4
Old Fashioned Paperdoll (two pages)                                                         $8
Lula Paperdoll  (one page)                                                                         $4
Mary Lou Paperdoll (two pages                                                                  $8
Ballerina Paperdoll (one page)                                                                   $4
Martha Stewart Again Paperdoll (two pages)                                               $8
 Olivia Jean Paperdoll (two pages)                                                              $8
Red Carpet Dreams Paperdolls (one page)                                                 $4
Audrey Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                                 $8
Katherine Hepburn's Mermaid Dreams (one page)                                      $4
Little Sparky Paper Dolls  (one page)                                                          $4
Marissa Paper Doll Set  (three pages)                                                          $12
Bibi maizoon Paper Doll Set (one page)                                                       $4

Shipping and Handling:
$6.25 per item
$8.00 if you order 3 to 4 sets
$10 if you order 6 sets and up

Out of the country:
$15 per item
$19 if you order 3 to 4 sets
$22 if you order 6 or more sets

If you order more than one set ask me to send you an invoice.  I couldn't figure out how to add the different shipping options with the paypal buttons.

But it looks like I can send you an invoice through Paypal.

My alternate email address if anyone has questions:  I check this email address a lot.