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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creating new stuff

I've just been thinking about what I want to draw next.  I've been thinking of drawing from some of the twilight or breaking dawn photos for fun.  I've been seeing people on ebay selling their stuff  on there that they custom make.  I recently saw a graphic artist who was making her own t shirts of a few of the twilight pictures. 

All she really did was take the photograph of Bella and Edward kissing and she doctored it up in her graphics software.  But it is still basically the original picture.

I'm thinking I would be able to take the whole photograph and draw the whole thing with perfect likeness.  And then I would probably take the image and do my own thing to it.  Add flowers and other things.

I've got to get back to drawing soon.

Lately, I have been just knitting and then I caught the jewelry making bug.  That is fun.  I started making those bottle cap necklaces and charm bracelets and knitting markers.  I enjoy making the knitting markers.  I've got two people on ebay looking at a few of my sets.  People have already purchased three of my sets.

They are so easy to make.  I've got some with glow in the dark beads that I want to make next.  That would be fun and cute.

The bottle caps are so easy too.  All you get are the bottlecaps, shrink down your pictures, stick on an epoxy sticker and then cut off the edges.  Glue into the bottlecap and pick out a necklace for it.

The most recent drawing for me was drawing out a few rag dolls on cloth.  That was fun, and I still need to finish that project too.  I've got to first finish knitting my skirt.  It's close to being done.

Jennifer jo Fay

April 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neat jewelry mousepads!

I love Jewelry mousepad
I love Jewelry by FancyPhotography
More Jewelry Mousepads

Awesome mouse pads at my Zazzle store!  Affordable prices!

Cheaper Paper Doll prices coming soon!

I've just started selling my paper dolls at Etsy too.  I don't know the url for that yet, but if you go and search Jennifer Jo Fay, you would probably find my store.  I might have called it jennifer Jo Fay Paper dolls.

I have decided to sell my paper dolls at a cheaper price.  So eventually when I get around to it, I will be changing the prices on my blogs too.

So for now, if you would like to buy my paper dolls, you might want to go to Etsy where they will be the cheaper price.  And it's easy to set up the shipping rates there for multiple items and out of the country.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 11, 2012

I think I have four or five sets on Etsy so far, and also one set of photo greeting cards.  I will soon offer more photo cards there too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My new Paper Doll Line

I've been thinking of my Gothic Girls Paper Doll Line which I haven't begun to do yet.  But last night, I got started on my Gothic Girls Rag Dolls that also might inspire the paper doll ones.

It was fun.  I started with a basic doll pattern and then worked on the head and torso.  I'm going to make a few more later today.

This one is my first Gothic Girl (Ophelia).  She has some tragic poems on her undergarment and I'm going to draw on the whole body.  Then I might make my own tragic outfits for her.  She will be a one of a kind and I might try selling her on Ebay after I am done.  And she might make some good photos for products on Zazzle.

I recently added about thirty new photographs to the products on there.

I will have to get more of the paper dolls on products on my other store there soon.

My next rag dolls, I will probably be inspired by those Blythe dolls with the big eyes.

Three of my Blythe dolls.  I love these ones.

These are three of my more gothic looking paper dolls.  But I might try a different outline for the dolls.

Maybe I will have several different lines of Gothic Dolls, with different poses.  Each line, I will probably have the same pose for some of them, so that they can share the clothing.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 2, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Official Paper Doll Blog

It's another really fun day in paper doll land.  Do you remember playing with paper dolls when you were little?  I did.  Not that I can remember too many that I actually played with.

I can remember cutting out a few of them and playing with them.  I vaguely remember The Ginghams and Raggeddy Anne Color Forms.  I remember having my appendix out one year and someone gave me a set of those color forms.  I can remember playing with them in the hospital.

And I was also really lucky, as my appendix was about ready to burst.  I was six years old when it happened and was really sick for a few days.  And my lips puffed up really bad and my mom finally brought me in to see Dr. Orbeton.  I'm sure he is dead now.  He immediately said that I had to go straight to the hospital.

So we walked on over and got me in.  I think I had to stay there for an overnight or two.  And then I got to come home.

But paper dolls were a lot of fun to play with.

Years ago, when I first started making my own paper dolls, my mother would say, "Now, there's something."

She then went on to tell me that she and her best friend used to have trunks full of paper dolls.

And I am sure their's were the old vintage ones.  All the fashion dolls and vintage.  Ava Gardner.  There was a paper doll for every sort of fashion celebrity.  My personal favorite, Katherine Hepburn.

I've got to seriously get back to creating some more paper dolls.

Today, I even thought of some first drafts for my video games that I have been wanting to create would be good for the Gothic girls line.

For one of the video games ideas I came up with, I had started to draw up some creepy looking dolls with leaves coming out their eyes.  They could also be good for the paper dolls.

I've come up with a few videos.  I can complete the written scenarios and the drawings and artwork.  But someday, when it is finished, I would have to find someone to turn it into a three d form.

One of the videos I got copyrighted.  It is called Passions Unleashed and is an adult game.  A game of sex and murder.  There are lots of characters, 130 rooms that I have to draw out.  Drawings of all the characters.  And about forty written scenarios.

I've written three to four scenarios so far.  And I've drawn up the walls for the Kinky Kitchen and the cemetary and living room and a few other rooms.  I have to finish the walls and do the coloring and then come up with drawings for all the other fun rooms that I thought up.

They will have to figure out which two people are having sex, in what room, and with what object.  Definitely not for kids.  Definitely adults. 

The guy that I was going to collaborate on this with, thought we could get access to porn videos and other stuff.

I'm glad I am not dating him anymore and the video game idea is all mine.  I don't want any porn in my video.  I want it to be a little classier than that.  Anime sounded kind of neat.

I've copyrighted it and the first three scenarios, so nobody else can take my idea in my way of writing it and drawing all the drawings.

I'm sure someone else could come up with a possible similiar idea.  I know I am not the only one who has thought of creating a video game of sex and murder.

But nobody can take my style.  That is mine.

Same with the paper dolls.  Those are all mine.

I brought in my sketchbook this weekend.  Maybe I will start taking some photos of some of my new sketches in the works to share on here.

It definitely takes a long time to create a set.  But once they are finished they look great.

So, now I have them for sale on this blog on the first post. 

BunBun and Olga paper dolls was my first completed set that I finished about eight or nine years ago.

It started by a Doll magazine that I subscribed to before this set was done.  Inside the pages of the magazine was a contest for us to create outfits for the Helen Kish paper doll.  It prompted me to do it.  I wanted to win and get my stuff in the magazine.

I won!  I got my outfits in the magazine and I won a little six to eight inch Helen Kish Riley doll.  They are normally kind of expensive.  I was so excited.

And then I was encouraged to send more to them.  And I was borderline on getting a contract with them to create paper dolls.  The girl wanted to have my stuff in there too, but they also had a contract with another girl and they couldn't have both of us in the magazine.

Then I discovered OPDAG trade magazine, based in Maine.  For a bunch of years, I have contributed to that magazine.  I have been slacking in the last few years.  They send it out quarterly.  I've usually been creating the outfits for their dress a doll and I send a few of my sets that they include in the magazine.

Once, I actually had a mail order for a paper doll set.  That happened a few times.  Kind of neat.

So then I created this BunBun and Olga set.  Bunbun was a favorite rabbit toy that I had in childhood.  And I still have her, but you wouldn't know that she is a bunny now.  She had beans in her and once I threw her in the trash.

Her friend was Olga that was my stuffed animal puppy.  I thought up the paperdoll set about them.  It took a few weeks to a month to finish the whole set.  I really take my time with things.

I've got a few pages that I think I still have to finish.  Maybe that will someday be a second set for them.

And I have written a little children's book that I will someday illustrate.  Little Jenny and BunBun.  It will chronicle my young life with BunBun.

Then, I also have started a series for BunBun and Olga Paper Dolls.  I still have to finish the first little story.
It's called BunBun and Olga get Bullied.

It's going to kind of be a little series.  I have kind of envisioned that it would be a neat little tv series.  Kind of like Arthur.  The series about the ardvark.

Yet, it would be my own thing with my own set of morals and values.  There of course will be a lot of bunnies and puppies in it and maybe some other animal characters.  I think I am more than halfway through the Bully story.

Maybe I will post it here, when it is done.  And maybe some illustrations would be cool to go with it.

So anyway, if anybody wants to check out the paper dolls I have so far, go to the first post.

And another kind of exciting thing.  I have a store on Zazzle that has been kind of dormant for a while.

I finally found an email from them today, and some of my products got sold.  Yay.  It's mostly floral photography and doll photography so far.  And I have another store just for the paperdolls on products.

I think I will now be going onto those stores and adding some new products on the stores of my paperdolls and my other photographs.

So if anyone wants one of the paper dolls on a mug or tee shirt or something, you can get it at Zazzle.

I thought nothing would ever happen from that site.  Good lord, maybe I am wrong.

Some other people are doing pretty well there.  I see some people always posting their stuff from Zazzle on my igoogle page.

And over the next few days, I need to start to join some paper doll groups so I can promote this paper doll blog to people that like paper dolls.

It's a real struggle to get the paper dolls off the ground.  Someone said I have to brand myself, yet I'm not really sure how to do that.

All I know how to brand myself is that I am unique and nobody makes paper dolls quite like me.  To me it is an art form.  Fine art paper dolls.  I really strive for a lot in my paper dolls.

And someone said there was about 21 million paper doll sites.  I guess I have to try to figure out a way that sets me apart from other paper doll sites.  I'm not really sure how to approach that.

Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Make Paperdolls

How to make a paperdoll

All little girls or the majority of them like to play with paperdolls and dolls and barbies. When I was little I was given a Raggeddy Anne Colorforms and other old fashioned paperdolls. I spent hours playing with them. When my mom and her best friend were little, they had trunks filled with paperdolls. They were the really old ones.

Nowadays, you can get the reproductions of all the old ones. Ebay is a great place to get the originals.
OPDAG magazine is an official magazie devoted to paperdolls. The editor is the daughter of a mother that makes lots of paperdolls. It is based in Kingfield, Maine. She puts out two magazines. One is called Paperdoll Review and is devoted to all the old ones and you can still buy the reproductions.
The other magazine is Paperdoll Studio and is dedicated to new paperdoll artists. I have been creating mine for eight years.

So here are tips for little girls to make their own.

1. A good lightbox is very helpful. Some toy companies sell some geared for children that are really cute if you're looking for something cute and girlie. I like a good quality lightbox that you can plug in. The kid ones usually take batteries and if they leave them on when not in use, the battery runs out and it collects dust for a while until they ask for it again. Sometimes they can see what they're drawing better with a no frills one. I got mine at Utrecht, or Dick Blick or Daniel Smith. Utrechts prices are good and they cater to artists and budding artists.

2. So they want to create. Let them get into it and express themselves. Let them get messy if they do. I've always been one not to interrupt a creative child. It's so important for them to get into the process.

3. Sometimes it might be helpful for them to choose a picture so they can get a basic outline. Sometimes children hav a hard time with body parts. But I would also encourage them to create their own if possible. Even I use an outline sometimes if I like the position of the body parts. But it stops at the outline. The lightbox helps them to trace the outline. Then they can go in and create their own face and hairstyle.

4. Have them create a bathing suit or a really short nightgown. Bikini or full piece. Or they can have the doll wear short and a tank top. Why I say this is when they go to create their other costumes and outfits they will have the freedom of creating things that are going to not sure the basic underwear garment that is on the doll.

5. I like to use a fine tip black marker. The grocery store sells them for a few bucks. A nice set of colored pencils and good markers are great. If you've got a serious artist on your hands a nice quality set of colored pencils and markers are great. If they're little the basic cheaper markers are good for them to use, as quite often the caps get left off the marker and then soon you have a dried up marker that is no good.

6. After they have the doll created, then the lightbox comes in handy to make their own outfits. Then they can see the boundaries of their doll and they can create the outfits to fit. Make sure they add some little tabs on the shoulders, waist, and maybe the legs, boots or arms. That way when cut out and folded they will fit the doll. They can color them and design them anyway they want. The design part is where they can get really creative.

7. Outfit ideas. dresses, pants, coats, sweaters, ball gowns, cosumes. Halloween themes are great right about now. Easter, Valentines day, etc...

8. Have them create a name for their paperdolls. Maybe they want to use their own name or maybe a favorite character or their favorite actress.

9. Another idea for little girls learning is getting a teen magazine and picking a picture and designing one from their favorite character. Tracing paper is good to have on hand. My son used to like tracing monsters and other stuff.

10. Also encourage them to create pretty backgrounds to their page. Hearts, flowers, etc... Make some props to go with the dolls.

11. The clothing is usually on a separate page, but you can also usually fit one or two on the same page as the doll. She will need to creat some on another page first and then trace her costumes somewhat onto the same page as the doll. But she can change the outfits a little as long as the boundaries are going to be the same as the doll.

12. It's important to teach them to be original and create their own as much as possible. Always make sure they sign their name when they are done. Sometimes it looks neat underneath their name of the doll.

13. And if your child would rather just play with a store boughten one, there are cute Disney ones, Barbie ones and sometimes different types of wooden sets. I think that Melissa and Doug company usually has several sets that are cute for little girls.
But if they want to take their time and create their own, they are becoming budding designers and fashionistas.

Happy Creating.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 20, 2012

If you or anyone would like to check out and purchase my paper doll sets, check out one of my earlier posts where you can purchase them on each of my blogs.