Monday, February 20, 2012

Martha Stewart paper Dolls

I had a lot of fun creating my Martha Stewart Paper Dolls.  It took me a while to create.  I did this set about three or four years ago.

I got the idea as I was reading an issue of my Martha Stewart Magazine.  I decided I was going to create a Martha Stewart Paper Doll set to possibly get into an issue of her magazine.  One could only hope.  After I finished the sets, I sent copies to the magazine.

I did get a nice letter in the form of a stationery card with hand written writing.  I still have the card somewhere.  The person praised my artwork, but it did get declined for the magazine.  It probably wasn't something they wanted in the magazine.

But I had fun making them anyway.

My favorite set is the four page set with the witches outfit and the statue of liberty.  I think I got the facial features looking the best in that set.

The other two sets are nice too, but not my favorites.  One of the heads in the other sets is a little too big, I think.  But there are some fun features to the set.  I personally like her to do list in the set with her big head.

I just think my details are best in the set of four pages.

It took quite a few weeks or longer to finish that set.  It takes me a long time to get to completion of a paper doll set.

I usually start off with my pen and ink outline.  Then I get all my details and then, I slowly go in with the color.

My newest sets have very detailed backgrounds.  It is just as important as the rest of the page.

 The four page set:  $16 plus shipping and handling

 $8 plus shipping and handling

$8 plus shipping and handling

If interested in purchasing the sets, I have them for sale in another post on this blog and all my other blogs.

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